23 January 2010

:: NOTICE ::

I will be away from Saturday 23rd January 2010 till 27th January 2010
without any internet access.
I will reply all enquiries when I get back.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused,
any orders received during this time will be attended to when I return.

Next update will take place on 30th-31st January 2010 weekend...!

15 January 2010

Message In The Bottle Necklace Freebie!


The first 3 orders of the Messages-in-the-Bottle Necklace I receive will get a complimentary Bottle-in-a-bottle packaging and an accompanying registered postage worth RM3.00 for the order. The storage bottle is worth RM4.00. So send in your orders now!!!

:: All 3 complimentary bottle-in-a-bottle packaging and registered postage have been given out! Thank you for your customised orders of the Message-in-the-Bottle Necklaces! ::

Message in the Bottle Necklace

Hello all, It's been a long while since my last update and I apologise for the delay in updates. I've been really busy and have been using most of my spare time to work on this new collection. Thank you to all the loyal customers who continue to give me support and chase me for updates. It actually encourages to update faster!!

So without further ado, I now present to you Little Maketto's customisable Message-in-the-Bottle Necklace Collection.

Message-In-The-Bottle Necklace

How do you customise your own Message-in-the-Bottle Necklace?

Step 1: Choose your Message-in-the-Bottle Necklace style.

Step 2: Choose your bottle pendant.
Price of bottle pendants are inclusive of message, coloured beads and bottle fillings. All bottle corks are removable. Please request if you would like me to seal it shut. Only bottles MB003, MB004, MB005, MB006 & MB007 are available for the Necklace STYLE 4 design. MB001 measures 1.8cm in height while the other bottle pendants measure about 2.8cm in height.

Step 3: Decide on your message.
- Believe
- Carpe Diem
- Dream
- Friends Forever
- Hope
- I ♥ U
- Love is...
- [Blank Scroll]

Step 4: Select your favourite colour.

Step 5: Pick your accompanying charm(s).
Minimum of 1 charm and a maximum of 5 charms.
CM020 needs to be selected for Necklace STYLE 3 design.

Step 6: Decide on your necklace chain.
Necklace chain is inclusive of lobster clasp and measures 17 inches in length.

(Optional) Step 7: Opt for a special Bottle-in-a-bottle packaging for your necklace.
This packaging is optional. Message-in-the-Bottle Necklace will be packaged in this delightful little storage bottle. Great as a gifting memento! If no packaging is selected Message-in-the Bottle Necklace will come in the standard organza jewellery bag.

Drop me an email with the following details:

1. Style:
2. Bottle Pendant:
3. Message:
4. Colour:
5. Charm(s):
6. Chain:
7. Bottle-in-a-bottle packaging: Yes/No

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