10 May 2014

8th Bead Soup Bead Party - Here We Go!

A week's delay gave me the time to take pictures of my bead soup creations. And trust me, this year's bead soup had me working right up till the end. This is my third time participating in this annual event hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things and it seems like I'm the sole participant from Malaysia!

My partner is Ginger Bishop of lilmummy likes.... And she's this wonderful lady from USA who is currently based in Okinawa, Japan.

Ginger sent me this pretty dish of bead soup. While I loved everything, I found it a challenge to make them work all together. I procrastinated a couple of weeks before I started working on the beads, and when I did, I decided to make separate pieces for the focal clasp and pendant.

Bead Soup from Ginger

The focal clasp was a copper beauty but I do not work with copper at all! So you must understand that it was a very lucky thing that I had some copper wire scraps stashed at the bottom of my wire box. How it got there I can't even remember! I was pretty determined to pair the copper focal with the greenish stone bead chips and this is bracelet that came off the initial idea. This is my favourite creation piece.

Copper focal clasp
Swarovski 4-clover peridot bead ties the whole bracelet together

The copper-green bracelet laid out flat

I really didn't know what to do with a donut pendant so I turned to google for inspiration. It was a couple of days before I chose to make a lariat necklace of it. It would be something new for me. Coming up with the design of this necklace was quite easy with its gorgeous bright colours amidst a darker background. I searched my stash for some nature-inspired beads and came up with a result that I think did justice to the autumn-y pendant.

Lariat necklace without clasp
Tried to find dangle beads that matched the colours of the pendant
A colourful autumn piece, don't you think?

I had initially wanted to make earrings with the turquoise flower beads, so I'm also not entirely sure how it ended up becoming a necklace. But here it is, a simple necklace that allowed me to also use up the ruby red and ceramic blue beads.

A last-minute creation to use up the other beads
Me thinks it would help add a little happiness to a drab outift

I don't think my creations were particularly ambitious, given I hadn't been beading for almost half a year now, but it definitely gave me a chance to explore new designs that I probably wouldn't have thought of myself. So thank you Ginger for the wonderful challenge and thank you Lori for the great opportunity to make new creative friends and for everything else you do to make BSBP possible!

Please visit Ginger's blog to see what she created with the bead soup I sent her. 

The list of the other blogs involved in the BSBP#8 can be found here.
I'll be hopping around and I hope to see you along the way..!

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