31 July 2009

Cuppa Teddy Pendant Necklace

Cuppa Teddy

** SOLD **
NE007 - Cuppa Teddy
Pewter teddy in mug pendant (teddy is studded with clear and cosmic-coloured rhinestones), Silver ball chain, Lobster clasp
Length of chain: 24.5 inches
Pendant height inclusive of dangle hook: 2 inches
1 unit available only.
~ RM36.00 ~

Headphones Pendant Necklace

Perfect gift for the audiophile enthusiast!

Hanging Headphones

NE006 - Hanging Headphones
Pewter headphones pendant, Weaved leather cord, Lobster clasp
Length: 16 inches + 3.5 inches extension chain
1 unit available only.
~ RM20.00 ~

29 July 2009


Much thanks and love to Fashion Republik for their review and feature of Little Maketto and the Strawberry Love Bracelet that is still currently available. Do drop by to check them out. They feature some great fashion and lifestyle updates.

Thanks also to Fashion Galaxy & Chamber of Style for their review on Butterfly Blues!!

27 July 2009

Ballerina Jewellery

Dressed in layers of pretty tulle and satin ribbons, ballerinas are an epitome of femininity. Standing tall and slim, the classic ballerina cuts an elegant princess silhouette. It is no wonder that at some point in her life, every little girl aspires to be a beautiful ballerina. So for the ballerina in every girl, here are a couple of ballet-inspired jewellery...

Anna Ballerina

** SOLD **
ER007 - Anna Ballerina
Chromed silver earring stud and ballerina, Rhinestone-studded bodice, Polished seashell skirt
Length: 1.75 inches from ear stud
1 pair available only.

Ballerina Jewellery


** SOLD **
BR013 - Thumbelina
Bronze Ballerina Charm, Leather cord, Bronze chain, Lobster clasp
Length: 7 inches + 2 inches extension chain
1 unit only.

16 July 2009

:: NOTICE ::

I will be away from Thursday 16th July 2009 till Monday 20th July
without any internet access.
I will reply all enquiries when I get back.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused,
any orders received during this time will be attended to next week.

11 July 2009

I'm a huge fan of the Gossip Girl series and when I watched the last episode of the current season, Goodbye Gossip Girl, my little eye spied a beautiful necklace adorned by the character Jenny Humphrey. It took me awhile but I managed to track down the original designer of the necklace - pequitobun. Her jewellery line is exquisite! The original necklace, Crown Jewels is still available for sale. You can check it out here.
Anyway till the next season starts screening, I was inspired to create Jenny, the necklace that is somewhat similar to Crown Jewels minus the genuine gems and on a more affordable range. This is my most elaborate piece of handmade jewellery yet.

This is a screen cap of Jenny Humphrey wearing the necklace in the show.


Faux white pearls, Black roundel crystals 13mm, Crystal star charm, Seashell flower pendant, Toggle clasp, Dangle chain, Patterned double-link chain
Length: Inner pearl diameter measures 17 inches;
Black crystals diameter measures about 20 inches;
Crystal star dangles 4.75 inches;
Seashell flower pendant measures about 1.5 inches

NE005 - Jenny
Handmade Necklace

Little Black Bracelet

Little Black Bracelet

Black roundel crystals 10mm, Rhinestone-studded dress charm, Silver toggle clasp
Length: 7.25 inches

** Sold **
BR012 - Little Black Bracelet
Handmade Bracelet
~ RM25.00 ~

Nikkey Bracelet


Faux white pearls, Faux deep violet pearls, Purple roundel crystal, Purple bicone, Cosmic-shine glass bead, Rose gold key charm, Antique copper toggle clasp, Copper chain
Length: 7 inches

BR010 - Nikkey
Handmade Bracelet
~ RM18.00 ~

Strawberry Love Bracelet

Strawberry Love Bracelet

Seashell pearl, Black crystal, Strawberry charm, Silver heart charm, Lobster clasp, Rhodium-plated chain
Length: 6.75 inches + 1.5 inches extension chain

** Sold **
BR011 - Strawberry Love Bracelet
Handmade Bracelet
~ RM18.00 ~

07 July 2009

Butterfly Earrings Collection

Butterfly Earrings Collection

I'm really starting to love designing earrings. The butterfly earrings collection is inspired by the happy summer days that are upon us. If you'd like to see similar earrings in other colours, let me know!

Butterfly Blues

Rhodium-plated earring hooks, Blue faux pearls, Butterfly spacer, Blue polygon crystal
Length: 2 inches from top of earwire
Pearl hoop is about 1.5 inches in diameter

ER006 - Butterfly Blues
Handmade Earrings

Butterfly Blush Earrings

Butterfly Blush

Rhodium-plated earring hooks, Pink faux pearls, Butterfly spacer, Pink roundel crystal
Length: 2 inches from top of earwire
Pearl hoop is about 1.5 inches in diameter

** SOLD **
ER005 - Butterfly Blush

Handmade Earrings

Butterfly Lustre Earrings

Butterfly Lustre

Rhodium-plated earring hooks, White faux pearls, Butterfly spacer, Clear roundel crystal
Length: 2 inches from top of earwire
Pearl hoop is about 1.5 inches in diameter

** Sold **
ER004 - Butterfly Lustre

Handmade Earrings
Dainty Daisy

Rhodium-plated earring hooks, Acrylic flowers, Topaz roundel crystals
Length: 1.4 inches from top of earwire
Flower is slightly smaller than 20sen coin
Remakes possible. Contact me!

** Sold **
ER003 - Dainty Daisy
Handmade Earrings
~ RM5.00 ~

Still Available

  • Grappe Grape Necklace
  • Duckie Earrings
  • Stiletto Bag Charm
  • Chimera Ring
  • Fushcia Mini Hat
  • Love Necklace
  • Sweet Tooth Bracelet
  • Pig Owl Earrings

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