24 March 2011

Grape Necklace

This gorgeous bunch of violet purple amethyst beads and green prehnite leaf beads make up this simple and thoughtful Grappe Grape Necklace!

Genuine semi-precious stones are used for the grape pendant. For those who believe in crystal healing properties, you'll be happy to learn that amethyst stones are known to help a person deal with negative emotions bringing about clarity and calmness in times of confusion, anger or hatred. The grape leaf is made of prehnite and it is said to be a stone to help live life from the heart as opposed to your mind.
And I think sometimes we just need to listen to our heart speak...

A little trivia about grapes that I found out:
GRAPPE is the old French word for grapes meaning 'cluster of fruit'.
Raisin is any dried grape, while currant and sultana refer to specific varieties of dried grapes.
Botaniacally, grapes are berries.
Eating too many grapes can provide a laxative effect.

Grappe Grape

NE030 - Grappe Grape
Grape Pendant made of Amethyst beads and Prehnite leaf charm, Diamond-cut ball chain necklace, Lobster clasp
Length of chain: 17 inches
Grape pendant is about one inch in height
Limited remakes available.
~ RM30.00 ~

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