14 April 2014

Bead Soup Unveiled

Bead Soup Unveiled!

I received my bead soup from Ginger of lilmummylikes at the end of March. The package was wrapped so prettily! 

The see-through box storing the bead soup for me was decorated with a lovely, flowery washi tape. You could tell that Ginger really put thought into the packaging and I’m embarrass to say I didn’t do much at all with packaging my bead soup.

My bead soup didn’t just travel alone as my partner sent some really darling gifts in the package. A couple of yellow candies, a handwritten card, a gorgeous-looking mini bath ball and very elegant petite dish were all packed together with an eclectic mix of ‘distressed’ (as Ginger describes!) beads.


The clasp is a real copper beauty and the focal pendant is a colourful wood art tile by J-Lynn Jewels. I absolutely adore the shimmer and autumn colours of the cultured pearls yet dread working with their tiny bead holes. The brightest colour in the mix are the turquoise flower beads and the smooth ruby round beads while the ceramic blue tinged with browny-rust beads, remind me of underwater relics. I think though I may have the most fun working with the greenish stone (or wood??) bead chips. I love all the beads separately, now I just need to make them all come together in creation.

I must admit the beads, Ginger sent are very different from my usual style but she wanted me to have a new kind of challenge! Interestingly the best part about BSBP is always the challenge to step out of your comfort zone and create pieces you wouldn’t normally make. My procrastination habit is something I need to kick and start working on these beads soon. 

Meanwhile here’s the unfiltered picture of the bead soup I sent Ginger. I hope she’ll have as much fun creating as I’m going to with her beads.

Happy Beading Everyone!!! See you on reveal day!

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