15 July 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Party - Bead Soup in pictures

Bead Soup Blog Party


I've been off the grid for awhile. Blame it on busy work and social schedule. Today I've finally managed to dedicate my time to my jewellery making. Amidst my supposedly busy schedule I've managed to take part in Lori Anderson's annual Bead Soup Blog Party. It's already on its 6th year and boy do we have tons of participants this year! Lori has informed that we have a total of 400 participants from all over the world this round. That's like a huge, huge amount of blogs to visit. But it'll be so great to find so many new jewellery artists and make new friends.

For those uninitiated, a bead soup party involves you creating a soup of beads and swapping them with your partner. Using the beads your partner sent, you have to dig into your creative minds and hands to make something worthy of the gorgeous beads.

My partner is the wonderfully easy-going Adlinah Kamsir from DreamStruck Designs of Singapore. I'm not sure if Lori purposely picked us to be partners because we're neighbouring countries (I'm from Malaysia which is just north of Singapore), but we were pretty thrilled to be partners because the delivery time was cut much shorter. However, it still took us about a week to receive each other's bead soup.

Anyway, when I got my package from Adlinah, I was super-excited!!! But having received it on Tuesday, meant I would not have the time to photograph the beads until the weekend. But the weekend's here so here are the pictures! Adlinah really took into consideration as to what beads would provide me with a challenge.

The bead soup came packaged in a beautiful white box tied with a shoelace-like ribbon. Beads and finding were neatly packed in zip-lock bags together with descriptions.

Aren't the colours so pretty? Definitely a challenge because the beads are all so delicate and I seldom work with antique gold findings. 

Clockwise from top-left: Focal lampwork glass pendant and resin pendant (made by Adlinah herself!); Swarovski crystal beads -rose water opal,  Fired polished rounds -chartreuse & milky pink, Ceramic star beads -lime green; Green rubber o-rings, Cloisonne beads, Ceramic rounds -Keith O'Connor; Czech glass flowers, Lampwork glass rondelles

Clockwise from top-left: Yellow AB seed beads; Pink faux suede cord, Shell rectangels -Japan, Pink sew-on glass beads; Ornate flower pewter clasp, Stamped metal blank (made by Adlinah!), Antique gold metal spaces, Vintage copper butterfly lockets, Gold faux metal plastic beads

Quite a stash don't you think?? Love every bit of the bead soup. Can't wait to start creating something worthy of these gorgeous beads! Big thank you to Adlinah!

You can visit her blog here: DreamStruck Designs and see what beads I sent her...

Happy Beading everyone!

ps. vintage background used for photo collage is by http://paintresseye.deviantart.com
and photo border brushes are by http://withmycamera.deviantart.com/

14 July 2012

Black Dahlia Flower Earrings

Black Dahlia

ER126 - Black Dahlia

Rhodium-plated earring studs with bullet clutch and comfort discs ear backs, Pointed black petals with silver trimmings and clear rhinestone centre
Please see picture to compare size of black dahlia flower earring studs with 50 cent MYR coin.
1 pair available only.
~ RM37.00 ~

Still Available

  • Grappe Grape Necklace
  • Duckie Earrings
  • Stiletto Bag Charm
  • Chimera Ring
  • Fushcia Mini Hat
  • Love Necklace
  • Sweet Tooth Bracelet
  • Pig Owl Earrings

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