04 June 2009

Little Maketto introduces Pandora Jewellery!

Pandora Jewellery refers to a specific type of jewellery charm design that originated from Denmark. Pandora is created using a unique thread system that allows you to design your own jewellery!

So how do you go about designing and creating your own Pandora Jewellery? It can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose your Pandora chain.
Step 2: Choose your beads, locks (clips), charms, spacers.
Step 3: Fill up the order form and email it to lil.maketto@gmail.com

Happy designing!!
** Please note that all measurements are approximates.
** Certain beads/spacers have very limited stock, so to be fair, strictly first come first served.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note in the shoutbox or by email.

Click here to view Pandora Jewellery samples.


Please click on pictures for clearer view of the items and code numbers. Thanks!

Pandora Chain
Pandora Chains are somewhat snake-like in appearance. The Pandora beads can be easily threaded into the Pandora chains. Do note that CH002, CH003 and CH004 are the only bracelets with threaded points for Pandora Stoppers (Clips).

Pandora Lampwork Glass Beads
Pandora Lampwork Glass Beads are handmade thus every bead design varies slightly.

Pandora Spacers

Pandora Spacers are the beads/charms that are not made of glass. Most of the spacers are made of alloy metal, Tibetan Silver or enamel.

Pandora Dangle Charm

For those who love their charms dangling from the bracelet/necklace, this is for you. PAC001 and PAC002 are bail beads that will hold your charms. You can choose your charms by scrolling below.


These are the more traditional charms that you can choose to dangle from your Pandora jewellery. You need to choose a bail bead (PAC001 or PAC002) from which these charms will hang from.

Pandora Stoppers (Clips)

Pandora Stoppers (clips) are used to clip or screw over the threaded points on the Pandora chains. Most Pandora bracelets are separated into three sections and the Pandora clip is designed to hide the threaded points in an attractive way. You can use the Pandora clip to keep each section divided and your beads in place.

After you have chosen your Pandora Jewellery, just fill up the Order Form below and mail it to lil.maketto@gmail.com

Order Form
1. Chain:
2. Beads/Spacers/Charms (according to your desired position):
3. Stoppers:
4. Name:
5. Mailing address:
6. HP no:
7. Delivery: Pos Express / PosLaju
8. Special Requests:

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