15 December 2009

Beary Beautiful Hairband

Presenting the Beary Collection this update! Teddy bear themed accessories take reign and fill our child-like hearts with joy and comfort...

Teddy trivia time!
-- Did you know that the Teddy Bear is named after US President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt?
-- A person who loves teddy bears is an arctophile. It comes from the Greek words arcto meaning bear and philos meaning lover.
-- The world's most expensive teddy bear is the 125 Carat Bear from Steiff. The bear's fur is a combination of raw silk, mohair and gold threads. The mouth is made of solid gold and the eyes are 18kt gold embedded with 20 small diamonds and pupils made of sapphires. The price tag? A whopping USD$84,000!

B is for Beary Beautiful Hairband

** SOLD **
HA067 - B is for Beary Beautiful Hairband
Dyed pink canvas ribbon bow with mini brass teddy bear charm, Black satin ribbon on plastic hairband
Bow width: 4.6 inches
1 unit available only.
~ RM25.00 ~

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