19 May 2010

I Love Ice-Cream Bracelet

The hot weather is sometimes almost unbearable! So how do I keep myself cool? I hide myself in the comfort of the air-conditioned shopping mall and indulge in the delectable frozen dessert we call 'ICE-CREAM'! So with this little bracelet design, I declare loud and proud 'I Love Ice-Cream!'

J'aime la crême glacée!

** SOLD **
BR036 - J'aime la crême glacée!
Faux pearls of different sizes in cream and white, Glass beads in blue and green, Roundel crystals of different sizes in yellow, pink and turquoise, Vanilla fudgicle with chocolate streaks charm, Triple flavour ice-cream scoops on cone with rainbow sprinkles charm, Strawberry sundae charm, Vanilla soft serve in a cup with rainbow sprinkles charm, Mocha fudge popsicle charm, Curb link chain, Toggle clasp. All in bright gold tone.
Length of chain: 7.75 inches
Charms range from size of 5 cent MYR coin to 10 cent MYR coin
1 unit available only.
~ RM52.00 ~


  1. How much in us dollar? o-o

  2. Hi dear,
    Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately, the bracelet has already been sold. I do not have enough of the same charms to remake the bracelet but I can make one similar to it. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks :)


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