02 September 2010

Glacier Queen Bracelet

A little note about Swarovski® Crystal Pearls: Crystal Pearls by Swarovski are not natural pearls. They are man-made pearls created with a crystal core and the unique Swarovski Crystal Pearl technology. The innovative technology by Swarovski give the pearls, a mysterious glow from within. The Crystal Pearls are said to be resistant to perspiration, UV rays, perfumes, scratches and washing. Swarovski Crystal Pearls are valued highly for all these reasons and their very natural-looking pearl lustre.

The three bracelet designs this time round are created using Swarovski Crystal Pearls. I find that the colour and lustre are really very radiant compared to the China faux pearls.

Oooh.. and before i forget.. a little bit of trivia on Clear Quartz crystal. Clear quartz stones are used to help a user to view a situation more clearly and objectively. So sometimes if you find yourself a little indecisive or confused, consider wearing the clear quartz bracelets. It might help you make better decisions. Also it's a pretty bracelet!

Glacier Queen

** SOLD 1 piece **
BR039 - Glacier Queen
Swarovski® crystal pearls in White, Faceted clear quartz beads, Swarovski rhinestone rondelle spacer beads, Blue diamante bead, Swarovski® heart pendant in Glacier Blue, S-deco toggle clasp
Length: 7.5 inches
Genuine Swarovski heart is 10mm in size.
Remakes available.
~ RM60.00 ~

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