18 October 2011

Feather Earrings

It's been some time since my last update. I'm still around if you all are wondering. A customer commissioned me to design some flowery and cute accessories to go with some adorable doll charms that she had. Will upload some pics of the cute accessories she's commissioned when I'm finished with them.. I'm still in the midst of completing all of them and in between working full-time, my social and personal life, you can say I've been pretty busy...

Anyhow, I took some time to bring this update of colourful feather earrings for you. And just in time for Halloween!!! If you're dressing up as a black witch, the raven black earrings will go nicely with it or add in a pop of bright fuchsia feathers to bring the attention to your face. Feather earrings will also go well with a pirates or native tribal (think pocahontas) outfit... 

Even if you're not dressing up this Halloween, feather earrings can bring a little pizzazz to your day-to-day fashion...

Buy 1 pair = RM5.50
Buy 2 pairs = RM5.00 each pair
Buy 3 pairs or more = RM4.50 each pair

(L-R) ER095, ER096, ER097, ER098, ER099

Top Row (L-R) ER101, ER102, ER103, ER104, ER105
Bottom Row (L-R) ER100, ER106, ER107, ER108, ER109


  1. Sorry dear,
    Not available for wholesale as I don't have enough stock. Thanks for stopping by.


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