29 March 2010

Customized Message-in-the-Bottle Accessories

I've been receiving a few emails regarding the Message-in-the-Bottle Collection. So to answer some of your FAQs, here are the answers...

Can the Message-in-the-Bottle be made in to different accessories or is it limited to just the necklace?
- Yes. The Message-in-the-Bottle can be made in to be attached to bag charms, mobile phone charms, bracelets etc. But this comes with a warning! Because the bottles are made of glass, they are fragile items. So if the bottles drop to the ground from a great height, they will break. I would not recommend the Message-in-the-Bottle be attached to bracelets for girls who are constantly active.

Customized messages??
- Of course! Just try to limit the number of characters, as the bottle and paper is already small.

More than one colour?
- Yes. This is possible, I will charge accordingly.

Can I request for a double-sided message (2 different msgs written on 1 piece of notepaper)?
- Yes. This is possible. I can't post the example of one that I did for a customer, but it was ordered by a guy who had a love message in the front and his girl's name behind. Very sweet indeed! Do note however, that the message behind will be partially obscured by the bottle fillings.

Still unsure if your design can be executed..?
Just drop me an email.

Meanwhile here are some of the customised designs I've made for some customers...

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