17 December 2010

Plush Deco Sticker Designs

I apologise for the lack of introduction to the Plush Deco Stickers that I previously posted.

Plush Deco Stickers are flat sheets of velvet-y, furry stickers that can be cut into any shape you see fit and stuck on to any item. You can dress up your favourite notebook, pencil case, jewellery box etc.

You can even use them to design your own handmade gifts for friends! Look out for the Plush Deco Sticker Tutorial next that will show you how I use the stickers to dress up an old gift box. Meanwhile check out the 12 different designs of Plush Deco Stickers Little Maketto has in store...

Buy 1 piece = RM7.50
Buy 2 pieces = RM7.00 each
Buy 3 pieces or more = RM6.00 each

(L-R) ST001, ST002, ST003, ST004, ST005

(Top-Bottom) ST006, ST007, ST008

(L-R) ST009, ST010, ST011, ST012

Close-up view of ST003


Still Available

  • Grappe Grape Necklace
  • Duckie Earrings
  • Stiletto Bag Charm
  • Chimera Ring
  • Fushcia Mini Hat
  • Love Necklace
  • Sweet Tooth Bracelet
  • Pig Owl Earrings

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