21 December 2010

Plush Deco Sticker DIY Tutorial

For those of you who didn't already know I work full-time as an instructor, teaching kids creative technology. Work for me tends to be extra busy during the school holiday periods, as parents send their children to our centre to keep them occupied and for them to learn something new. Also, my personal and social life has kept me thoroughly occupied.
Little Maketto has unfortunately taken a back seat... but not to worry Little Maketto is still my passion and will continue to bring cute, unique pieces albeit much slower than before... so please be patient with me!

Plush Deco Stickers are flat sheets of velvet-y, furry stickers that can be cut into any shape you see fit and stuck on to any item. You can use them to dress up your favourite notebook, pencil case, jewellery box etc.

So without further ado, here's Little Maketto's first DIY tutorial - using Plush Deco Stickers to jazz up an old gift box.

Prepare all the materials you need:
1) Box (or whatever it is you want to cover, could be a notebook, pencil case etc.)
2) Plush Deco Sticker
3) Scissors
4) Ruler
5) Pencil
6) Paper Cutter

Measure the item you would like to cover. In my case it is this box you see in the picture. It's not noticeable in the picture but part of the metallic paper is actually torn making the box kind of ugly. Using my trusty ruler and pencil, I make markings on the back of the plush deco sticker so I know where to cut.

I make slits using my paper cutter and use a scissors to cut away the unnecessary piece. Of course, you can always you the scissors to cut straight away but I feel that using a blade makes my line-cutting straighter.

Peel the backing paper away like in the picture.

Okay, there are many ways of wrapping your item but I'll explain the way I think is best. I prefer to lay my sticker on a flat surface and place my item firmly on the sticker. This way I know there are less chances of bubbles forming and uneven sticking. I then fold the edges up. You can also see that I reveal the backing paper little bit at a time.

For the edges you can do a straight cut.

Or you can do an angled cut.

I then reveal the rest of the sticker and roll the box on to the sticker, folding and cutting where needed.

I used another contrasting colour to do the box cover.

VoilĂ ! Done!

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