30 November 2009

And Xmas Comes Early for...

Thank you to all who participated in Little Maketto's first ever giveaway contest.

I didn't expect so many creative answers and praises for Little Maketto... A big thank you and appreciation for taking time to participate... and eventhough you may not have won this giveaway, I'm hoping to make this giveaway thing a regular feature... so you can try your luck again in future..! But I have to first work out if it's feasible for me - cost-wise... maybe twice a year? What do you think?

It was an easy task to pick the winners as I mentioned before, it's a random drawing... unfortunately it was not easy for me to choose the ranking! I didn't expect it to be so hard to determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners...

Ok so how did I pick the winners?? I wrote all your e-mail addresses on separate pieces of paper. Dropped it in my handy transparent jar... gave it a good jiggle and picked the winners one-by-one. Okay, I'm sure you're all waiting to hear if your email got picked so without further ado, here are the winners.


3rd prize winner - Dalila
I liked that you mentioned I'm an easy-to-deal-with person. I like to think that I am too! ;)


2nd prize winner - Melissa
Mentioning the photography of Little Maketto got you 2nd place!! I do put in time and effort to make sure the pictures are as similar to the real products as possible...

And last but not least

1st prize winner - Deb
Honestly, I don't really get your 'knock, knock' joke... is it suppose to be a joke?? lol.. it is creative anyhow... but how you got picked as 1st prize winner was coz you mentioned you like the product names! Not many of the other entries mention that and I'm glad that you find the product names appealing...!

So winners... a big congratulations to you! I'll be dropping a winner's email which you must acknowledge by Friday 4th December. If by which I do not receive a reply from you, your prize will be forfeited and I will choose another winner from the existing entries...

Thanks again to all who have participated and making Little Maketto's Xmas Comes Early Giveaway a success!!!


  1. Yay! I won 3rd prize! :D
    Thanks so much, Min, for having this absolutely fabulous giveaway. :D
    Oh, many hearty congratulations to 1st and 2nd prize winners, ya. :)

    ps: Min, I've replied to your e-mail, ya.

  2. Hahahhahah wasn't really a joke Min, was just me being random xD Thanks Dizzee, congrats to you too!:D And thanks to you to Min!! :)

  3. THANK YOU for the lovely surprise Min!
    Really appreciate it =)

    Congrats Deb and Dalila!! =D


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