02 November 2009

Xmas Comes Early Giveaway

Christmas is just a month away so in the spirit of giving I've prepared something special for all of you - Little Maketto's Xmas Comes Early Giveaway. I'm very excited after all, this is the first time Little Maketto is having a contest for everyone. I like contests that are simple and easy to win so I won't make this too difficult.


There are three prizes to be won:

1st Prize worth RM165.00
Cinderella Necklace RM58.00; Handmade Bracelet RM18.00; Fruity Appleberry Earrings (BZ002) RM29.00; Bejewelled Hairband Silver (HA001) RM10.00; Sephora Perfume RM37.00; Little Maketto voucher RM8.00; Postage RM5.00

2nd Prize worth RM152.00
Cinderella Necklace RM58.00; Handmade Bracelet RM18.00; Pandora Rose Earrings (ER049) RM19.00; Bejewelled Hairband Silver (HA001) RM10.00; Sephora Perfume RM37.00
Little Maketto voucher RM5.00; Postage RM5.00

3rd Prize worth RM103.00
The Silver Spoon Necklace (NE014) RM18.00; Handmade Bracelet RM18.00; Lottie Bow Earrings (ER048) RM10.00; Bejewelled Hairband Silver (HA001) RM10.00; Sephora Perfume RM37.00; Little Maketto voucher RM5.00; Postage RM5.00

1st Prize Winner will get 1st pick of the following:
Necklace - Silver Cinderella / Gold Cinderella
Bracelet - Pink Princess / Loveday Pearl / Violet Star
Sephora Perfume - Musk Almond /Green Tea Lemon / Guava Passion

To win any of these fabulous gift packs:

1. Officially follow Little Maketto blogshop.
2. Comment in this post and tell me why you like Little Maketto.
3. Leave your name and e-mail in the comments.
(if you do not want the spambots to pick up your email address, just spell it out eg. lil.maketto[at]gmail[dot]com)
4. Spread the word about this giveaway - on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. (post the URL in your comment)

Easy enough? I will randomly draw the three winners but the more creative answers or interesting reasons as to why you like Little Maketto will get the higher prizes. (will be ranked and be allowed 1st choice of certain prizes.)

As much as I hate to do this, here's the very reasonable fine print...
• Only completed entries will be submitted to drawing (so make sure you follow the conditions stated!)
• Please post one comment per person so everyone gets a fair chance.
• Prizes and postage to the winners are borne by Little Maketto, with the exception of international winners by which postage will be borne by the winner him/herself.
• Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or be substituted.
• Contest ends 11:59 PM (MYT), 29 November 2009.
• Winners will be chosen 30 Nov and results announced 1 Dec 2009.
• Winners will be notified via email and must acknowledge by 4 Dec 2009 otherwise the prize is forfeited and a new winner will be selected.

So what are you waiting for... comment away and good luck!!


  1. A great chances to win this Xmas giveaway~hehe..
    wow, excited..
    Like little maketto because of the nice design and reasonable price of item, so sad as a bit late to know this Little Maketto, so many item I like have already sold out,
    but then will keep follow the blog so that I wont miss out the item I like..hehe~


    Lee Fen

  2. yeah.
    i like this giveaway !
    the reasOn why i like LITTLE MAKETTO :
    ~ LITTLE MAKETTO is nice blOg's name btw !
    ~ i'm a gurly girl which lOve tO wear nice acessOries and LITTLE MAKETTO have many nice acessOries that suit fOr me.
    ~ i fall in lOve with LITTLE MAKETTO at the first sight ! :D.

    fb url : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/note.php?note_id=169416295877&ref=nf

    name : iqah
    email : ika_cutegurl310189@yahoo.com.my

  3. A giveaway?? Wow wee!! Hehehe... Just too ecstatic about this... and the prizes, oooh, a must-have! ;)

    Why do I like Little Maketto? Erm, I'm not too creative with words but I'll just say my thoughts. Hmm, "like" is not the right word for what I feel towards this little site...Far from it. The truth = I absolutely lurve Little Maketto! Haha! All the stuff here are super fantastic, absolutely fabulous and beautifully unique...and reasonably priced. If I was rich, I'd probably buy everything! ;) But the best thing about Little Maketto, is the owner. Min is just wonderful and easy to deal with. She's friendly and does not mind sharing knowledge (generously) with "handmade" newcomer like myself. Love ya, Min. :D

    Oh, I've also posted about this giveaway in my blog. :)


    Sincerely, Dalila

  4. thank for sharing
    It's very nice for my XMas this year ^_^


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  6. ZOMG! Christmas is still quite far away but there's a giveaway ALREADY?! *faints*

    Reason(s) why I like Little Maketto:
    1-nice name
    2-You reply withing 48 hours! Nothing beats a fast reply to an anxoius buyer! XD
    3-Nice music on blog :P makes shopping all the more fun~ Hahaha....
    6- I'm a japanese name fan! Something about japanese names just make me smile =P

    oh yeaa...I forgot to comment that I love the pics you guys take for your accesories....nothing kills the mood more than a badly taken picture of something you're going to sell.

    And therefore, I rest my case,
    Esther Seletyn Chai,

  7. *scream*

    My little heart skipped a beat joyfully when I first laid eyes on this delightful giveaway. Finally! I thought. I can now have a slight chance of being a proud owner of something from Little Maketto (because almost everything I like here is always sold out). Which gives me all the more reasons to be here telling you why I just LOVE Little Maketto.

    So here goes..

    Little Maketto has no doubt the most adorable accessories I’ve ever seen! They’re all just sooooo cute and pretty!! Not to forget the reasonable pricing. Adding to that, the photos taken are fantastic! I don’t know about the others but those photography skills are really enough to tempt me to empty out my wallet and buy everything!! Oh and did I mention the music box keeps me dropping by here more and more each day? As it coincidentally plays my favourite song from Mandy Moore! Good choice I must say. Tells me the owner has a great taste for music ;) Overall, I truly adore this little shop confined on my small screen. There is not a day that goes by that I cannot stop glancing at those treasures!

    Thank you Little Maketto for having this wonderful contest. I really hope you’ll surprise me this Christmas. Keep up with the lovely stuff coming in!

    You can make my heart any day of the week.
    Melissa T

  8. Cool! Prizes to win. Awesome.

    I've been followin ur blog from the beginning.
    I noticed your blogshop is very diff from the rest. For me, I like some of your details on the necklaces & bracelets. The unique beads and variety of little accesories makes the whole unique design very special. The spoon and forks had eat my heart out wit it.

    The overall of the blog is easy to navigate and not confusing unlike certain blogs!!
    Best of all, it is nice to see and reasonable price at your blog.

    i likey :)


  9. Christmas sure comes early here in this blog! I've fallen in lurrrrrve with it and am making sure to check it out every single day!
    What makes me heart Little Maketto?
    - the oh-so-cool stuffs sold in this blog
    - nothing beats a grrrrreat music to accompany u while shopping. Heaven!
    - reasonable price, that's for sure
    - & last but not least, girls & beautiful things go hand in hand like tiramisu washed down with cappucino!

    All d best LITTLE MAKETTO!


  10. Woots!

    I am sure glad I came across this blogshop. All the accessories are tres cute and lovely! I wish I could afford to buy them all if I could. But it's all very reasonably priced and definitely affordable.

    I would totally recommend your shop to all my friends, considering how much they love lovely accessories. In fact, I've already posted a tweet on twitter and now it's gonna be read by all my followers =)


    Everything about this shop makes me smile, the fact that you promise to reply within 48 hours and post out the orders the very next working day. It shows efficiency and trustworthiness! It's all the qualities I look for when I shop on line and what I can definitely say is that, you have it all! And the fact that you're having this Christmas comes early give away simply screams GENEROSITY! I'm sure that you'll have a blessed Christmas this year and endless more blessings to come with your shop.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best in your shop. I'd definitely visit everyday! A very blessed early Christmas and an earlier Happy New Year! Haha.

    Carmen Chuah

  11. Little Maketto is so unique
    It brings us cute and plenty sweet
    The handmade things just make me smile
    For RM8! It's so worthwhile
    The colours of their bling look great
    When paired with wardrobe trends of late
    And now there is this giveaway
    It brightens up my rainy day
    This Xmas it's due time to go
    And visit Little Maketto


    Posted on Facebook wall:

  12. Little maketto offers extraordinary pieces, ranging from exquisite earrings to bracelets, necklaces and handphone/glasses purses. All pieces are unique in their own way and im sure there has to be a lot of creativity going on in the mind of the owner in order to bring out the best for these lovely pieces. :) Not to mention, i love the choices of songs while browsing through those gorgeous pieces. Moreover, these lovely items are priced reasonably and its affordable to everyone i must add. These pieces are unique and i don't think you can find these lovely pieces anywhere else but Little Maketto!

    Spreading the love,

    Posted on Facebook wall:

  13. Bangs head bangs head!
    Where's the money when I need them?!
    And WHY WHY WHY is everything in Little Maketto so drool worthy and all sold out??!
    Love all the earrings!!
    Not to mention everything in the blog is in order, very organized.
    Now I won't be able to get anything from Little Maketto!T_T
    Worse still Christmas is coming, I need some accessories!
    Somebody help me!!
    *Knock knock*
    Who's there?
    LM: Its Little Maketto! Ive come to offer you a little suprise, join our Christmas Comes Early Giveaway contest and you can win trinkets from us.
    Me: *Screamssssssssssssssssss* because an angel has descended :D

    Yeap the thing I like the most about Little Maketto is their accessories, which basically means everything xP
    But all the earrings especially, are undeniably gorgeous, which answers to the question on why they're sold out :(
    Names of items also, really draws my attention.
    Dragonfly reverie, wildflower dewdrops, flutterfly fancy, they all sound so tempting to me, makes me want to own them even more!
    Thank you also that your blog is so light and cheerful, helps release some stress, oh the music too, girl power*rawr*

    Ooh yes do check out my blog~ http://whisperthosecrap.blogspot.com/
    Do let me know if I could link ya too :)

    P/S: Heheh sorry for being so cheesy :P
    All the best in blooming into a much BIGGER and more FANTASTICO blogshop!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Little Maketo makes one scream, skips for joy with happiness. I feel like a kid again. Every little thing, single details in this blogshop, gives me hell alot of excitement which I absolutely adore and love. And it's not only a 'like' relationship but falling in'love' at first sight, I might say.

    The first impression that caught me of that lovely layout, simplicity but with a touch of colourful shades to cheer things up. I love it when all things mentioned here are so clear and organize. Makes it so much easier for us customers. Good services and reasonable prices is just one of those things you have. I'm really into great pictures where I could feast my eyes with those cute, adorable goodies I could find and totally tempted to buy one. I can't deny you have all the qualities and that I intend to remember.

    Min, continue to make this blogshop a better one, we will love it forever.

    Little Maketo is too awesome for words, I'm lost in it!


  16. I stumble upon this blogshop a few moments ago and with first glance it makes my stomach feels like there's butterflies inside. With its unique and extraordinary pieces it just takes my breathaway. Its sparkle through my eyes even thou its just pictures, and even so its just pictures it seems like its the place to be when you need a friend the most. Its' a place with magic, a magic of its own. I browse more on your items and it really puts a smile on my face. The price is so reasonable you can't say no to it. Plus with its wonderful designs, you just can't resist to get your hands on it. Like I said, with a simple blogshop who offers magical pieces, it just takes a heart to reveal its wonders. Your blogshop has it all. The magic that makes every girls dream come true.

    Since its my first time visiting your blogshop, its a pleasure for me to be here. Keep up all the wonders you have to offer and continue to make us girls smile everytime you post a new item. What can I say, accessories is a girls best friend :)


  17. Greetings, Little Maketto!

    From a fan of all things beautiful to another, I would first like to say how thankful I am for being in time to join this Xmas Giveaway! :D

    Okay, lets get started on what I think about this blogshop. My first thought would probably go to the fact that the items here are not commonly seen in other blogshops. Some are eclectic, cute, whimsical, bold, new and pretty. In short, there are things that appeal to every facet of a person. Which is awesome because it gives consumers more choices and a chance to be original.

    Secondly, the overall design of the site. It is simple, clean and easy to navigate. It might be a minor detail, but I do appreciate that all the descriptions are short and sweet while the tags at the side makes life so much easier to search for specific things. Measurements are also available which makes life easier. The sweet pastel colors are also very appealing!

    Thirdly, the items on sale. As mentioned before, they are not commonly found. Often times, I find myself just dropping by the site because I want certain items so badly. Note the word "want". I don't "need" them for anything but hey, beauty feeds the soul. It is also cool that you would get inspiration from current trends and shows such as top hats and Gossip Girls.

    The pretty names are a joy to read and associate with the accessories. Anyone up for a Whimsy Cocktail Party with Miss Dorothy Pink and Blue while Pigwidgeon flies overhead?

    In sum, all the factors integrates well with one another, making the site a great place to visit even if it is just look at pretty things to satisfy the soul.

    Last but not least, I would also like to offer some feedback because even the best has room for improvement. I find the music box a little annoying as when I move to older posts, the song restarts and I would have to manually stop it. It would be good if there is an option for viewers to disable it completely if they dislike it. Besides that, a personal selfish request would be more frequent updates!

    No matter what, keep up the good work! It is always a good thing that someone's passion for something also feeds the happiness and love for all things beautiful of others. Thank you for your hard work so far and I look forward to your future development.

    “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”

    With love,


  18. List of ingredients to make Little Maketto:

    1. 3 cups of Adorable prices
    2. 2 tablespoons of Sugarly sweetness
    3. A handful sprinkle of Cheerfulness & Happiness
    4. A pinch of Cuteness powder
    5. Roll up the dough
    5. Bake it for 10 minutes to perfection

    Tadaa! You'll get to make a Little Maketto.
    :D :D
    That's what my heart feels from your blogshop, which is why I like Little Maketto.
    Hope you love me as much as I love you too!

    Sincerely from,
    Florence ^^

    1. Officially follow Little Maketto blogshop.
    Checked! (I had the little baby profile pic :) )

    2. Comment in this post and tell me why you like Little Maketto.

    3. Leave your name and e-mail in the comments.
    (if you do not want the spambots to pick up your email address, just spell it out eg. lil.maketto[at]gmail[dot]com)

    4. Checked! Check out: http://sayweeeeee.blogspot.com/

  19. Giveaway is Closed!
    Winners will be announced very soon...


Still Available

  • Grappe Grape Necklace
  • Duckie Earrings
  • Stiletto Bag Charm
  • Chimera Ring
  • Fushcia Mini Hat
  • Love Necklace
  • Sweet Tooth Bracelet
  • Pig Owl Earrings

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