14 April 2010

Amethyst Royal Heart Necklace

Amethyst is known to be a stone of the mind. Keeping an amethyst stone close to you helps to bring about calmness and clarity to an otherwise confused and anxious mind. When your mind is clear of negative thoughts, the amethyst stone will enhance your psychic and intuitive senses.

Royal Heart

** SOLD 2 pieces **
NE026 - Royal Heart
This item contains two separate necklace pieces.
Necklace #1: Amethyst nugget, Silver tone rolo chain, Lobster clasp
Necklace #2: Rose engraved heart-shaped locket, Purple diamond charm, Amethyst chips, Silver tone rolo chain, Oval links with decorative seed beads cable chain, Lobster clasp

Length of inner chain (Purple Diamond): 15.5 inches
Length of middle chain (Amethyst): 17.75 inches
Length of outer chain (Heart Locket): 20 inches
Purple diamond measures about 0.3 inch x 0.3 inch
Amethyst nugget is about 0.75 inch x 0.5 inch
Locket is about the size of 20 cent MYR coin
Remakes available.
~ RM30.00 ~

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