14 April 2010

Citrine Sunshine Heart Necklace

It's been a long while since my last handmade jewellery. Work and life has been keeping me too busy from designing new items. But last weekend I scrimmaged some time to make two pieces of triple-layered necklaces. I love layered necklaces... It really helps to draw attention and dress up an otherwise bare d├ęcolletage.

This layered necklace design is triple-layered but is essentially two separate necklaces. You can opt to wear the necklaces separately on different occasions or opt to showcase all three layers by wearing both pieces together. I've also made it so that the necklace serves 2 purposes: (1) Heart Locket to hold a photo/note keepsake close
(2) Amethyst/Citrine stone nugget for their gemstone energy and healing powers.

Hope you'll like the design and enjoy reading more about what the chakra energy of Amethyst and Citrine gemstones.

- - - - -

Citrine stones are known to bring happiness, joy and optimism into your life. Keeping an citrine stone close to you aids in the matters of your daily life. It helps to energise, invigorate and comfort you. Healers often use citrine stones to increase self-esteem.

Sunshine Heart

** SOLD 1 piece**
NE027 - Sunshine Heart
This item contains two separate necklace pieces.
Necklace #1:Citrine nugget, Silver tone rolo chain, Lobster clasp
Necklace #2: Rose engraved heart-shaped locket, Yellow daisy flower charm, Tiny yellow and brown crystal beads, Silver tone rolo chain, Oval links with decorative seed beads cable chain, Lobster clasp

Length of inner chain (Yellow Daisy charm): 15 inches
Length of middle chain (Citrine): 17.5 inches
Length of outer chain (Heart Locket): 19 inches
Yellow daisy charm is about the size of 5 cent MYR coin
Citrine nugget is about 0.75 inch x 0.4 inch
Locket is about the size of 20 cent MYR coin
Remakes available.
~ RM30.00 ~

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