26 March 2012

Fukubukuro Giveaway Winners...

Thank you all who participated in Little Maketto's Fukubukuro Giveaway contest.

This is the first time I'm using the Rafflecopter Widget to manage the contest entries and I must say that it is very simple to use and it definitely helped me keep all your entries in checked. I was overwhelmed by the final number of entries that was way over 500, but after my checking and verification it whittled down to about 440 entries. This is because many participants did not follow all the instructions carefully and left certain requirements out. It wouldn't be fair to those who entered as per instructions so I had to delete those incomplete entries. Some of you may have received some personal reminders from me to authenticate your entries and I thank you for following through.

The Rafflecopter Widget uses random.org to pick the winners so as long as your entries were legit, they were automatically entered in the draw. So enough about the technicalities of the contest, let's just get down the winners...

The winners (in no particular order) of the Little Maketto Fukubukuro Giveaway are (drumroll):


1) Ezza of gregarious_gurlz

2) Syafika of syafikamnhmn

3) Bebe of sleepybeauty

To the three Fukubukuro winners, a huge congratulations to you!!! I'll be dropping a winner's email which you must acknowledge by Thursday 29th March 2012. After which, I do not receive a reply from you, your prize will be forfeited and I will choose another winner from the existing entries. Also, in case I did not mention this before, each Fukubukuro grab bag contain different items. So your Fukubukuro grab bag will be different from the other winners. I've worked hard to make sure they are worth about the same (RM215) but the items in it are unique to each.

To those who did not win anything this round, fret not, because I had so much fun with this giveaway I hope to run another soon. Maybe at the end of the year as an xmas giveaway again?? What do you think?

Thank you to one and all who participated and making Little Maketto Fukubukuro Giveaway a success!

PS. Any criticisms about the giveaway, please leave a comment or send me an email to let me know. What you liked about it, what you didn't like about it and what you hope to see in future Little Maketto Giveaways! I listen to all advice…


  1. Replies
    1. please reply your email. today is the last day otherwise I will choose a new winner.

    2. done email u.sorry for late replying (:

  2. thanks so much littlemaketto me love youuu <3

  3. Thank you for the lovely gift.

    I've responded to your email.

  4. Thank you so much for the Fukubukuro, I love it. http://bebe2003.blogspot.sg/2012/04/little-maketto-giveaway.html


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