01 March 2012

Fukubukuro Giveaway

It's been such a long time since Little Maketto's last giveaway, no?
To celebrate Little Maketto's third birthday this month, I thought why not have a one-of-a-kind Little Maketto Fukubukuro Giveaway for all customers, followers and visitors!

What's a Fukubukuro Giveaway you ask?
Fukubukuro (福袋) comes form the Japanese words fuku (福) meaning luck and fukuro (袋) bag. Put those two words together and Fukubukuro means Lucky Bag. It is actually a Japanese custom where merchants make grab bags with mystery contents and sell them for huge discounts on New Year's Day. The Japanese go crazy for the Fukubukuro and often queue in long lines hours before the store opens to get the best bags.

I've always been fascinated with the idea of this mystery bag surprise so I thought why not let Little Maketto followers experience one. Instead of a Fukubukuro purchase, Little Maketto's birthday celebration is a giveaway, so no purchase is necessary.

As it is a Fukubukuro, I'm not suppose to reveal the contents of Little Maketto's Fukubukuro but I'll tell you this much... some of the items are old stock from Little Maketto blogshop that has not found a new home yet, some are new handmade items yet to make an appearance in the blogshop and some are just really cool imported gifts. Each Fukubukuro will contain a good mix items worth about RM215 (inclusive of postage, international participants please see fine print) and since it's LM's third birthday, I'm giving three Little Maketto Fukubukuro away. Intrigued yet?

It's really easy to participate. Just log in to the Rafflecopter widget below via your Facebook or register an ID and follow the instructions. To submit an entry you just have to comment on this blog post, but I recommend to at least "Like" Little Maketto as that will immediately gain you 5 more entries. Each person can earn up to 25 entries and since it's a random raffle, the more entries you submit the higher chances you get to win a Little Maketto Fukuburo. If you're already a Little Maketto follower here and on Facebook, this raffle contest is super easy for you!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As much as I hate to do this, here's the very reasonable fine print...
• Only completed and verified entries will be submitted to drawing (so make sure you follow the conditions stated!)
• Please post one comment per person so everyone gets a fair chance.
• Prizes and postage to the winners are borne by Little Maketto, with the exception of international winners by which postage will be borne by the winner him/herself.
• Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or be substituted.
• Contest ends Malaysia time 12:01:00 p.m. Saturday March 24, 2012. (12:01:00 a.m. Saturday March 24 EST)
• Winners will be chosen 25 March and results announced 26 March 2012.
• Winners will be notified via email and must acknowledge by 29 March 2012 otherwise the prize is forfeited and a new winner will be selected.


  1. I would love to see more unique designs :)

    gfc: quinieleong

  2. hi there little maketto! i just know about the fukubukuro thing or "the lucky bag". i'm a fine art student and my artworks theme for my final year is about kimono. sure i would like it if i get fukubukuro giveaway as a collection of mine.

    and the main point i'm commenting here is, i would love it if you sell kimono cause it's hard to find original pieces of kimono in Malaysia. i have searched for it in Times Square, KL. i've already found a boutique that sell kimono aren't original. if you know where i can find kimono in Malaysia please inform me or it will be super great if you want to sell it here in little maketto blogshop. thanks. :)

    1. hi kira... thanks for your participation in the fukubukuro giveaway. hmm... Little Maketto selling kimono... not sure that will happen anytime soon. Lol. I've never even worn a kimono before!!!

      anyway sometime ago http://ohjapan1.blogspot.com/ advertised on my blog before... maybe you can check them out. I'm not affiliated with them or neither have I bought anything from them so I can verify their authenticity.

      there's also a mini japanese street in pavilion mall. i'm not sure if the shops there sell kimono or yukata but maybe you can check it out.

  3. Hello Little Maketto!!! The unique productions of your creativity always catch my eyes! However, I would want to see the rings at a broader size range. I am somehow a ring collector, unfortunately with small fingers. The ring sizes available on your site are always the size of my index finger but i prefer to wear rings on my middle or ring finger. So up till now I could just look at the beautiful design and sigh in the desire to have the rings of my size.

    ps: please do let me know if any how I can get the rings at smaller size via vivianloh45@gmail.com. =D

    Have a good day!

  4. i would like to see more on handmade things..such as purses, bags..and even more on the gorgeous little pouches for spec, the hot selling items at little maketto..;)


  5. hello little maketto. i would love it if you could bring in handmade books with unique designs or maybe you could sell a starter pack for scrapbooks, or sell pretty papers with pretty designs! :D

    p/s: i'm always in love with papers :D

  6. Hi! I would like to see more awesome art & handmade pieces from little makketo, such as the coin purse and the love card puzzle, they're really lovely! Too bad they're out of stock and I couldn't own any of them. Will stay tuned for any new stuff coming :D

  7. I would like to see more handmade things :D

  8. Hello Little Maketto,
    I'm joing this awesome giveaway. Anyway, I would love to see more adorable designs ;)

  9. I can't find your twitter, it says 404 :'(

    1. so sorry. the link was broken.
      I've fixed it. Please try again..!!
      Good Luck!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Little Maketto

    I have always been in love with fukubukuro, especially the excitement of not knowing what is inside.
    What lovely accessories will I get?

    Anyways, thanks for the giveaway :)

  12. hi Little Maketto :)

    keep on doing gud jobs in ur business, i really like dis blog design, simple & easy 2 search any items dat customer prefer..

    by de way, really exsaited 2join dis giveaway..hopefully there's a chance 4me 2get that fukubukuro

    i also make an entry for ur giveaway in my blog:

    ok, dats all, tq

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. hi !
    i love your creativity so much.thumbs up :p
    btw this is my entry:

  15. hi Little Maketto (╯▽╰)

    I am impressed with the Little Maketto Fukubukuro Grab Bags .. very cute and has a variety of colors .. lg secret prize draw there is in this bag .. I hope one of the lucky winner because I want to present it to my mother for a birthday soon ..


  16. Hi Little Maketto. I'm joining your giveaway :) And what I would love to see in Little Maketto if you can make more giveaway like this. Hihihihi.

  17. I want to see more bracelets

  18. Thank you for the chance to win this traditional prize~

  19. Hi Little Maketto. I entered your giveaway.
    Thanks for the chance!

  20. I like to see more of the latest korea and Japan hair accessories and fake eye lashes.

  21. I'd like to read more about your personal life :D

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  22. i love homemade stuff so cute


  23. want to see lots lots lots lotssaaaa more cute little necklaces. ;)

    btw this is my entry


    facebook id: Yana Fazlyana

  24. i think i'm in love!!!! ur stuff is co cute :) u must be really cute like ur stuff too!!!
    really hope i get to win!!!

  25. i did it! hope to one of the lucky ones to get Little Maketto Fukubukuro Grab Bags :)
    this is my first time hearing about it and am so happy to receive and give a "good home" to your future handmade stuff :)

    Facebook: chloeyu@hotmail.my

  26. hope i will stand a chance to provide a 'warm comfy' home for your handmade stuff :) i love hand made! :)

  27. akk! So excited bout this giveaway. Hope the lucky stars are shining on me :)

  28. Hi little maketto ^^ Im joining this giveaway
    This is my link ->http://faralalalala.blogspot.com/2012/03/fukubukuro-giveaway.html

    1. Hi dear,
      Thank you for your comment and blogpost. However you will need to register under Rafflecopter Widget above in the contest post or log in via Facebook to submit your entry. Otherwise you will not appear in the raffle drawing. Please contact me at kahmin31(at)gmail(dot)com if you're not sure about anything. Thanks :)

  29. I would like to see more quirky creations. Have fun with your ideas. Unique and random like your rainbow inspired necklace. Cliche is what you are not. :) Personal touches are way better.

    With love from Ghali.

  30. Hi Little Maketto. Thanks for having this giveaway n for the chance..
    keep up the gd work!

  31. hey!
    this is my entry :)
    all ur items are amazing


  32. I will like to see more cute & funky accessories that perk up the whole outfit!

  33. I think that this is a great prize. Very unique and traditional. Thank you! Jeff S magicpaintbox50@hotmail.com

  34. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I also promoted your giveaway on my blog sarabeautylife.blogspot.com


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