16 June 2011

Golden Purse Earrings

"Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention luck are kidding themselves."
- Larry King

I do think there's some truth in that statement. Luck is so unexplainable that I think oftentimes it is a meaningful coincidence.
I'm not an overtly superstitious person but I believe in luck and karma. If you haven't already noticed, this week's collection is the Lucky Collection - a collection of lucky charm jewellery that will maybe brighten your day and bring you good fortune.

The Golden Purse Earrings set is a little tribute to Little Maketto's logo. So delightfully cute and hopefully wearing it will bring some extra ka-ching! to your purse...

Golden Purse

** SOLD **
ER084 - Golden Purse
3-piece rhodium-plated earring studs with double clear rubber earnuts -
Ribbon bow, Stripey coin purse, Daisy flower. All in white enamel with gold trim
Please see picture to compare size of darling earring studs with 5 cent MYR coin.
1 set available only.
~ RM11.00 ~

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