09 June 2011

Rainbow Petals

This round of collection feature some rainbow coloured items including some beautiful rings and some simple colourful bag charms. Before I post this update, I was wondering how I could allow those who wanted to buy non-adjustable rings to figure out the right size. That was how I came across this wonderful website: http://findmyringsize.com

It's really easy to use, sizing is done online right on your monitor screen and I must say I tried it out and it was fairly accurate. The sizes of the rings at Little Maketto are according to the Japan ring sizes so please check that the scale is set to Japan size. If anyone still needs help determining the ring size, feel free to contact me.

The size of Rainbow Petals ring is a little bigger than usual but it's meant this way due to the spiral. I love the colours and design of this particular ring and it's so apt as I just watched the 3D animation Rio and the colourful spirit of the birds are reflected in this ring!

Rainbow Petals

** Size 20 - SOLD **
- Rainbow Petals Ring
Rainbow leaf gems (fuschcia, red, blue, pink, yellow, green, violet) set on
modern gold spiral ring

Available in Japan ring size of 18 & 20
1 ring each size
~ RM32.00 ~

To determine your ring size please visit http://findmyringsize.com which is an online ring sizer. Just make sure you choose the JAPAN ring size scale.

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