20 June 2011

Round Hedwig Owl Earrings

The owls are gathering...

This week's update is so exciting!!! Although I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, I do enjoy reading the books and watching the movies... I definitely suffered from Harry Potter withdrawal syndrome after I finished reading the last book and I realised that it was the end.

Anyway for the hard-core fans, I'm sure you already know that J.K. Rowling is suppose to make a huge announcement in 3 days time. No one really knows what the mystery announcement is about. All we know that the owls are gathering and to find out why, we need to tune in to J.K. Rowling's Youtube announcement page.

To coincide with this mysterious yet exciting announcement, some owls have gathered at Little Maketto in the form of adorable earrings and a bracelet! I've also decided to name them according to the owls that appear in the Harry Potter stories...


** SOLD OUT **
ER088 - Hedwig
Rhodium-plated earring studs with metal barrel and clear rubber earnuts, Gold round owl charm studded with tiny pearls and rhinestones
Please see picture to compare size of darling earring studs with 5 cent MYR coin.
4 pairs available.
~ RM24.00 ~


  1. RM (Ringgit Malaysia) is the Malaysian Currency. On currency exchange websites you'll find it listed as MYR.

  2. do you still have a pair left, i would like to buy one :)


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